J A D E · R h o n e

The Story


Jade Rhone is a London-based designer + maker, developing and producing handcrafted products using personally hand selected vegetable tanned leathers.  Founded to express a passion for creating functional yet minimal products for everyday usage, creating timeless classics, designed for the consumer who appreciates products that are carefully thought out, to serve a specific purpose. 

Unable to find products that he really wanted and having been introduced to a local leather supplier by a good friend, Jade Rhone started designing and crafting a few small leather goods for himself. Initially he was making products for personal use but he was regularly getting asked “where can I buy one of those?’ or ‘where did you get that?’ So, he started making pieces for friends and friends of friends. Gradually things grew from there, and here he is. The simplicity in the design and make of Jade Rhone handcrafted products allows you to really appreciate the quality of the leather and craftsmanship used in their creation.